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Ad Blocker (Ad Killer/Stopper/Filter) in SlimBoat

A highly effective Ad Blocker (similar to the Ad Blocker Plus plugin for Chrome and Firefox) is integrated in SlimBoat Web Browser to block all the annoying and obtrusive ads (images or flash animation solely for the purpose of advertisement). The blocked ads are eliminated from the web pages so that you can view the rest part of the page content without unnecessary distraction. In addition to that, the web resource associated with the blocked ads is not downloaded, therefore saving you both bandwidth and memory. CPU usage that would otherwise consumed by the flash ads is spared as well so that the whole web browser performs faster with the help of ad blocker. The ad blocker filter rules in SlimBoat are updated periodically so that the most recent new ads are blocked effeciently.

You can select Tools:Ad Blocker:Enable Ad Blocker from the menu to enable the ad blocker inside SlimBoat Web Browser. To configure more options about the Ad Blocker, select "Tools: Ad Blocker: Ad Blocker Options" from the menu to open the ad blocker options page as shown below,

ad blocker options in slimboat web browser


You can select one or more filter lists based on the language of the websites you visit in this option page. Since most gif animated images are ads, there is an option "Block all gif images" for you to simply block all the gif images.

In addition to the predefined filter list, you can click the "User Filter List" button to add your own filtering rules. The "Domain white list" button let you define a list of domains on which the ad blocker will be simply bypassed.

If you see an ad image that is somehow overlooked by the ad blocker, you can right click on the ad image and select "Block Element" from the popup menu to add the image url into the user filter list. A screenshot is shown below for this feature,

ad blocker block image menu



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