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Maximize Online Productivity with Fast and Efficient SlimBoat Web Browser

Austin, Texas, USA - Jan 8, 2013 - FlashPeak introduces SlimBoat Web Browser V1.1, a free web browser that combines speed with numerous built-in funtionatilities that are normally achievable only with external plugins and add-ons. SlimBoat includes an intelligent form filler, a fast Internet download manager, convenient Facebook integration, online streaming video downloader, a built-in ad blocker, and customized weather condition/forecast information.

While many web browsers claim to be fast and efficient, SlimBoat delivers speed in a way that other browsers cannot. By integrating a large library of utility functions into the software, SlimBoat lets you perform important tasks without running additional applications. SlimBoat is built using the lightweight opensource WebKit rendering engine, which is well known for its speed performance and standard compliance.

SlimBoat securely stores all of your logins and passwords in a central place protected by a single master password, ensuring that your sensitive information remains private. In addition, the software can easily erase all of your Internet tracks or those from selected domains so that people cannot see which websites you have visited. SlimBoat also blocks annoying, time-wasting popup windows and eliminates obtrusive ads within the web pages.

With SlimBoat, you can define groups of websites, and open all of them at the same time. With one click, you can open your favorite sports team's site as well as the web pages of your favorite sports writers and bloggers. Define a group of web pages that includes your banks and investment companies, and open all of them together in a snap.

The browser lets you share links and images you have visited easily on Facebook with a single click. Access to other popular social networking services such as Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger, Wordpress, StumbleUpon is also provided in the most convenient way.

Whether you're a businessperson who needs to access websites quickly and efficiently every day, an entrepreneur who wants to log into important websites with a single click, or a student who loves to share every detail of your life on Facebook, SlimBoat has the right set of tools for you.

SlimBoat Web Browser v1.1 runs under Windows 8/7/2008/2003/Vista/XP, Linux, and Mac OS X 10.6 or later. SlimBoat is available for both personal and commercial use at no cost. For more information about SlimBoat, please visit .

Contact: Stephen Cheng
7921 Menler Dr.
Austin, TX 78735, USA
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