Slimjet Mobile Browser for Android

Slimjet web browser is a popular web browser based on the open-source Chromium project on which Google Chrome is also based. Powered by the high-performance Blink engine, Slimjet adds a rich set of features on top of the Chrome browser to make it more powerful, customizable and efficient. Currently, Slimjet is only available for desktop operating systems including Windows and Linux. We are planning to bring this wonderful project to the android platform so that mobile phone users can enjoy this great browser too.

Built-in Ad Blocker

One of the key features in the mobile version of Slimjet will be the built-in ad blocker. As is well know, the mobile version of Chrome browser doesn't support extensions. Therefore, you can install the adblock plus plugin like we usually do on the desktop. The mobile phone screen is too tiny to be occupied by ads. Plus, the ads also wastes valuable data usage and adds expensive charges on your monthly bills. Therefore, the mobile verison of Slimjet will include a built-in ad blocker to kill all the annoyings and eliminate unnecessary data usage. Naturally, it will also significantly boost the loading speed of web sites.

Here some other features we plan to add into the mobile version of Slimjet:

If you would like to suggest additional features to be added to Slimjet mobile, feel free to let us know.

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If you would to try out the desktop version of Slimjet right now, please visit .