How to Download Youtube Videos

Searching for your favorite videos and watching them on youtube is easy and convinient. But, how to download these videos easily?

Slimjet browser has a video download plugin which lets you download the videos from Youtube itself.

How do i download Youtube Videos with Slimjet?

how do i download youtube videos

Select appropriate Youtube video format to download

  • Open a youtube video
  • Click the "Download Video" button to download the video easily.
  • Select the format in the dialog box and download
  • Youtube video Download as mp4

    So, now just do not watch but download your favorite videos and save them on your computer.

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Comments (2)

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Doc says...
This POS, so-called "downloader" is a load-o-sh!t! I keep getting this message: "The video transcoder is not installed. Click OK to download and install it now." I clicked "OK" SEVERAL TIMES, re-launched the browser SEVERAL TIMES and nothing. FIX THIS BS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today 12:20am
zubair says...
Download Any Video Using VLC Media Player
26th October 2018 4:55pm
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