Manually Export Bookmarks

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Manually Export Bookmarks

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This feature is not obvious to find at this time so I am making a post for the FAQ
pachelbel wrote:Hi Donald

SlimJet lets you export your bookmarks to a html file.

To do this, first click on the cogwheel (top right), then click on 'Bookmarks', then 'Bookmark manager'. You should now see the Bookmark Manager. Click on 'Organize' and on the dropdown menu there should be an option to click "Export bookmarks to HTML file…". Click this, and you should be able to save your bookmarks to a location of your choosing.

Hope that's of use!
pachelbel gave good instructions I will repeat them in a list format

Open Settings menu by clicking the Gear or Cog Icon at the upper right of the browser
• Place your mouse over Bookmarks
• Place your mouse over Bookmarks Manager and left click
  • HINT: As a quicker mouse method you can right click on any portion of a the visible Bookmark Bar and select Bookmark Manager from the drop down menu
    HINT: As a quicker keyboard shortcut you can press Ctrl+Shift+O (Ctrl and Shift at the same time then press the letter "O")
• Now you should see the Bookmark Manager as a dual side panel with two (2) distinct sections
• At the top of the right section is a 3 dot Menu called, "Organize"
• left click the 3 dot menu
• Click selection, "Export bookmarks"
• use the Save As dialog window to name and place the HTML file in safe location that you will remember so you can restore it at a later date or import it to another browser
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