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Posting Guidelines

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some common sense guidelines for forum users

Please be reminded that this is a user to user forum. This is not a developer to user forum. Start Topics that ask a question that another user might be able to answer. Do not ask questions that only the developer can answer.

Brief FYI

According to the developer this browser is properly called "Slimjet" or "Slimjet Web Browser" and it is improper to use the registered trademark name "Chrome" to refer to this browser. This means that when writing your posts it would be proper to refer to the Slimjet browser as "Slimjet", "Slimjet Browser", "Slimjet Web Browser", or even, "SJ", but please do not refer to Slimjet as "Chrome".

Because the underlying engine for both Slimjet and Google Chrome is the Blink engine some key features of the Google Browser will work the same with Slimjet. For example, you can log into a gmail account and then setup to save your browser settings "in the cloud". And you can change the cloud settings to automatically import them to any Google Chrome browser you fire up and log into. This will also work with Slimjet; but you don't get cloud retention for features unique to Slimjet not found in Google Chrome such as saving your Quickfill Form Filler information. That you must take care of elsewise than using the cloud feature.

When posting on this forum please make an effort to understand the relationship between the browsers using the same Blink engine. Any of the features and usage methods of Slimjet that appear similar or the same as Google Chrome are that way because of the underlying Blink engine which they both make use of. When you notice differences they are either features added on top of the Blink engine or Blink features that may be hidden in one browser which have been allowed to remain in the other.

Slimjet is capable of making use of extensions written specifically for the Google Chrome browser because they are both using the same underlying Blink browser engine. This Blink web browser engine has become well known as the leading or cutting edge browser engine because it is the highest rated for being up to date with current webpage code in use. In other words it typically performs better than any other browser engine when rendering webpages. As I understand it, this is a key reason why Flashpeak developers choose to put time and effort into developing Slimjet using the Blink engine. They want to bring to you the very best web browser they possibly can while implementing the unique and innovative features only found in genuine Flashpeak developed browsers.


1. This is a user supported discussion board for the Slimjet Browser. Acceptable topics of discussion are those related to Slimjet, or other browser issues that could be understood as reasonably related to the Slimjet browser. If you need technical PC support that is not related to the Slimjet Browser you should look elsewhere. There are dozens of reliable internet forums that you can choose from other than this one which will provide you with faster and possibly more reliable answers.

2. If your not 100% certain which forum to start your Topic in choose the General Forum and a moderator or admin will move it to the correct forum if necessary.

3. Please make every reasonable effort to do the following:
  • A. Before you start a New Topic look for your question/subject having already been asked/discussed and either in progress or resolved on this forum. Do this with the Search Feature which on this forum does sometimes produce pleasant results. If that fails you should try Google search and include "Slimjet forum" in your search terms. If your not pressed for time you can also try looking at the Subject titles on the first 1 or 2 pages of each forum. Sometimes the search terms you would use do not match what has actually been used and you can see this when you look at the Subject titles.

    B. Only post (write) about one single Subject in your New Topic, in other words, start a New Topic for each and every individual subject that you want to discuss on this forum. You may ask why? 1. Multiple subject posts make it very difficult for forum users to help you and for them to follow the replies to your original post. 2. Your secondary subject(s) will frequently become lost in your forum post and will not be fully addressed or given consideration. 3. Secondary subject(s) that cannot fit into the Subject line of your post will become "unknown" subjects as users looking at the Subject title to decide if they want to help will not know of the second or third or fourth problem (subject) your asking help with and will not realize there is something within they are capable of helping you out with.

    C. Make the Subject line in your New Topic the best possible description of your New Topic.

    D. Wait 1 - 3 days and bump your New Topic if there has been no reply. Respect the reality that this is a voluntary user to user help forum and there is no guarantee of a reply from either an ordinary user, a moderator, or a Flashpeak admin or developer. This does not mean that you are deliberately being ignored. It means that reality exists. Possibly no one has a decent answer yet for your inquiry. Possibly people occasionally in the course of their life have other things to do than to be visiting this forum every single day, every single hour of the day waiting for you to post your question.

1. Please make replies that stay on Topic. When you make a reply underneath another User's Original New Topic post do not ask a new question that is off topic. This is commonly referred to as, "hijacking", and is a breach of forum etiquette. I am not saying that you cannot have friendly discussion within a thread that veers off topic. I am saying, don't reply within someone's topic of discussion with a new question that is off topic.

2. Avoid attacking forum users. Please use a writing style that speaks to, "the subject", of the original post or reply and not to, "the writer", of the original post or any subsequent replies.
  • A. Example Do Write: (inserted quote from another post) I disagree with this because .... and then politely explain why you disagree.

    B. Example Don't Write: (quote or no quote) Your an idiot, you don't understand what your talking about etc....
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