Window closes on moving right-click

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Window closes on moving right-click

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I hope this description is clear. To recreate:
  • Open a Slimjet window (I always have 2 up, so it may have to be a 2nd window).
    Right-click (I've had this happen in-page, on a tab, and I think in other lockation) and move the mouse pointer down while holding the right-click.
The window immediately vanishes, but doesn't register as "closed" (right-click in a remaining window doesn't give me the "reopen closed window" option). This is apparently an intermittent issue - I"m unable to recreate in a new window at the moment, though it just occurred, and has occurred at least 4 times in the last couple of days. It seems to require a downward motion at the time of click, but may occur with other motion, as well (I have a tendency to pull the mouse toward me as I right-click with this mouse).

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Re: Window closes on moving right-click

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Turn off mouse gestures, see what that does.
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