"Reader mode for web pages" setting

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"Reader mode for web pages" setting

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Previously discussed here ==> https://www.slimjet.com/en/forum/viewto ... 490#p11490

After upgrading to 32 after skipping a few versions and fiddling with the flags (I had disabled it), I have it back.
I assume it's a "Chrome" thing because Brave also has it (though disabled by default).

Previous discussion because I did not know what it was and it only works on sites that support it.

At least now a lot of big news sites are supporting it.

Read the link for a description of what it's supposed to do.

Here is the answer to my unanswered question about how to invoke it:


The red circle is added to show you what to click.


Click it again to toggle.

Clicking the A lets you customize the font including the size.
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