embedded videos flicker Green/Purple

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embedded videos flicker Green/Purple

Post by Adriaann »

Windows 10, 2004, 64bit

Hi everyone,
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
I've been using Flashpeak Slimbrowser and subsequent Slimjet since ages and still feel no need for another browser. Super happy with it.

Lately I have a small bug: embedded videos flicker green/purple while playing. Chrome and Chrome based Edge don't have this problem.
As far as I can tell all websites with embedded videos have this problem. Youtube videos: no problem. So I'm guessing the problem must be Slimjet related.
I switched back to an older version of Slimjet but the problem persisted.

Hope someone can help, thanks in advance,

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Re: embedded videos flicker Green/Purple

Post by DirkP2020 »

The most youtube work but not all, sample youtube dot com/watch?v=Gjm74WdJbf8
Sample picture here s12.directupload.net/images/200727/eroirqv8.png

And the videos from eduonix dot com.

All other brower works

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