Slimjet portable is NOT portable

Slimjet bug reports
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Slimjet portable is NOT portable

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For the first time I tried to move Slimjet portable between two computers. From the Windows 7 PC on which I so far used it to a new Windows 10 PC. I copied my portable "installation" from PC 1 on a external harddrive, and copied it from the external drive to PC 2. All addons, cookies, the design for "new tab" were gone. Only the bookmarks remained where they were. This problem comes on all three user profiles. Aren't portable devices supposed to exactly keep these things, so you can work with your settings from everywhere? Just connect and go? Palemoon portable for exampe took everything with it, it even kept me logged in to the websites where I wish to stay logged in! Please try to repair that issue, I am sure, it's not meant to be so.

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Re: Slimjet portable is NOT portable

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Slimjet needs patches to use these flags to obtain true portability:

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