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25.0 (Beta) Released 2019-12-15 (3/12/20)
• Fix some issues with language file manager
• Updated a few language files (2/28/20)
• Add menu item(Tab Popup) and shortcut key(Ctrl+Q) to go back to last active tab (2/18/20)
• Save flash allowing settings after browser exit (2/10/20)
• Built in ad blocker now works without the need of additional extension process (2/3/20)
• Enable quieter prompt to allow notifications for website by default
• Fix bug with website auto reload feature (1/17/20)
• Fix a bug with youtube video download (1/13/20)
• Fix a bug with turbocharged download manager (1/9/20)
• Fix an issue with cached files (1/7/20)
• Update language files
• Fix a few UI translation issues.
• Fix a bug with cache directory setting
• Fix a bugs with turbocharged download manager
• Migrated to Chromium 78
• Add support of forced dark mode: configure option at slimjet://flags/#enable-force-dark
• Add support for password leak detection: configure option at slimjet://flags/#password-leak-detection . This option is only available when you are signed into your Google account.
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