Excessive SSD Hosts Writes

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Excessive SSD Hosts Writes

Post by charisma09 »

Hey :)

Just wondering, do you Slimjet guys can reduce the amount of data which is written towards the HD?

It seems to be a general problem that Chromium based browsers do write tons of data even if you for example put the Cache towards a Ram Disk. While that is no problem on mechanical drvies, Slimjet and Chromium in general seem to be poison for SSD's!

Was forced to uninstall Slimjet from one of my computers which has an SSD because it created Host Writes of 1 GB every 30-40 minutes - And that is way too much and this is not present in other browsers. Also not on browsers like Maxthon which is also in some way Chromium based.

So.. perhaps finding a way to limit the insane amount of Data which is constantly written towards the HD would be greatly appreciated if possible!

Thanks :)
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Re: Excessive SSD Hosts Writes

Post by CrockPot »

charisma09 i'm just curious how did you figure out that those writes are from Slimjet? I'm not doubting you,i myself noticed large increase on total Host Writes on my SSD in the past 3 months(like 1TB in total and trust me,i'm very very efficient) and wondering now,is it Slimjet's fault even though i have the cache on Ram Drive.I need to get to the bottom of this,don't really feel like buying new SSD,better start using different browser for all i care.
Also you better change your topic to something like: "Large amount of writes on HDD/SSD from Slimjet" in order to attract more attention,would really like to see what others are saying and if we get lucky DEV might pitch in too.

P.S. Hmm i just checked the size of the User Data folder and it's 114 MB only,the install folder is 192 MB which is nothing,where exactly Slimjet writes all that data?

Update: Ok,i got it.Not sure how effective is because before i turn off my system the Profile folder(only) gets back copied to it's original location but according to Resource Monitor there isn't a single write on the SSD while using (Slimjet) it(this wasn't the case before i did the changes).It's not perfect but it's a workaround.It involves Ram Drive(just FYI) and i can do tutorial if somebody is interested.Just let me know.