Help Yourself When You Post...

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Help Yourself When You Post...

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3 moderator comments

1. Unless your 100% certain your discussing a Known Issue or have a real bug and not an isolated error on your system please make your posts in the General Forum. This is where people will look first when they come to the forum to help others.

2. I'm seeing a lot of Original Posts (the very first post in a topic) making the assumption that folks who want to help you and who are reading your post will be able to look into their crystal ball and know what operating system is running and which version of Slimjet is running for which the problem or question is about. If you desire to have an intelligent response or dialog responding to your question or problem it is essential that you provide the basic information that is needed. Do not make the assumption that because you posted this information in another topic that people reading your newest topic will remember your name and specific information. Give it to us every time you make a new topic.

• Operating System
• Version of Slimjet
• What you did prior to the problem happening (if applicable)
• What you do that causes the problem to happen again (if applicable)
• Anything that you did already to try and fix the problem or obtain an answer (if applicable)

3. Don't post more than one topic in a single post. Keep your new topic aligned with the subject that you've typed in.
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