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(hear the drum roll...) the Flashpeak developers bring you!

Slimjet... Slimjet... Slimjet... Slimjet... Slimjet... Slimjet... Slimjet... Slimjet... Slimjet... Slimjet... Slimjet... Slimjet...

OK jesting aside. According to the developer this browser is properly called "Slimjet" or "Slimjet Web Browser" and it is improper to use the registered trademark name "Chrome" to refer to this browser.

This is the Slimjet Online Forum and when writing your posts it would be proper to refer to the browser as "Slimjet", "Slimjet Browser", Slimjet Web Browser, or if you must be different, "SJ".

Slimjet is capable of making use of extensions written specifically for the Google Chrome browser because they are both using the same underlying browser programming code known as "Blink". This Blink web browser engine has become well known as the leading or cutting edge browser engine because it is the highest rated for being up to date with current webpage code in use. In other words it typically performs better than any other browser when rendering webpages. As I understand it this is a key reason why Flashpeak developers choose to put time and effort into developing Slimjet using the Blink engine. They want to bring to you the very best web browser they possibly can while implementing the unique and innovative features only found in genuine Flashpeak developed browsers.

For best performance you should always update Slimjet when a new release becomes available. And you should always update any other programs that you use in conjunction with a browser (such as Flash Player) when those updates are available.

Because the underlying engine for both Slimjet and Google Chrome is the Blink engine some key features of the Google Browser will work exactly the same with Slimjet. For example, at this time logging into a gmail account setup to save your Google Chrome settings "in the cloud" and automatically import them to any Google Chrome browser you fire up and log into will also at this time work with the Slimjet; but you don't get cloud features of Slimjet not found in Google Chrome such as saving your quick fill information. That you must take care of elsewise than using the cloud feature. The developers are well aware of these differences and I can assure you they are keeping the association with Google Chrome in mind while carefully deciding what features to add to the Slimjet Browser as they continue development.

When posting on this forum please make an effort to understand the relationship between the two browsers using the same Blink engine. Any of the features and usage methods of Slimjet that appear similar or the same as Google Chrome are that way because of the underlying Blink engine which they both make use of. When you notice differences they are either features added on top of the Blink engine or Blink features that may be hidden in one browser which have been allowed to remain in the other. All of this seems a little confusing but hopefully as Slimjet users become more accustomed to the Slimjet Browser this confusion will mostly be part of the history and not current news : )
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