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Proxy settings

Post by Doclocke »

When I enter the information for the proxy service I've been using for several years, SlimJet works just fine, as expected. However, for some odd reason it also sets Internet Explorer to use that same proxy, which I do not want.

Is that something that can be resolved, or is it a "feature" of SlimJet?

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Re: Proxy settings

Post by oftentired »

You need to set up a proxy to choose that is separate from the system default proxy which is a shared internet option with IE. After you go into Slimjet Settings click on the Manage Proxies button which will open an interactive window for managing proxies. Click the New button at the bottom left of the interaction window. Then give it whatever name and settings you desire. After you have saved that new proxy you can go back to Slimjet Settings and click on the down arrow just at the right side of the Use System Proxy button and select the new proxy you have named. You will need to go into Slimjet Settings and click the Change Proxy Settings button and change the default internet proxy settings back to what you desire. IE should then run from those settings while Slimjet will run using the custom proxy you established and directed it to use.

I'm moving this Topic to usage questions forum.

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Re: Proxy settings

Post by RichardPayne »

This keeps happening to me and I can't seem to fix it. The thing is I am really not that good at these things and probably the problem is in me. There is like 90% chance that I still did something wrong... I can only solve simple problems with help of others. You know how pirate bay is blocked a lot, I had no idea that you could use their proxies to unlock it. A friend told me to go to and just click on one of the proxies. It is really easy and even I can do it, you just need to click with your mouse a few times and that is it.

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