Stop windows 10 spying

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Stop windows 10 spying

Post by dev »

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Re: Stop windows 10 spying

Post by paul1149 »

Thank you, dev. Whenever I see something like this, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I'm glad I'm over Windows, on the other, I feel sorry for those still trapped in the manipulative MS economy.

It's almost impossible to run Win7 updates now. MS has sabotaged the process to push people to Win10.

Linux is ready for prime time. I have used it now as my main OS for a good year, and while there are a few areas where it's not as polished as Windows, it is solid as a rock, fast and trouble-free. And it comes relatively free of the politics and greed that characterize MS products. Now that I have LibreOffice set up to suit my needs, including a powerful set of macros, I no longer need MS Office. That was my main stumbling block. And WINE allows most Windows programs to be run anyway. Slimjet, BTW, runs great on Linux.

Those who haven't tried it should run Linux from a DVD or USB stick to test it out. It has come a long way.

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Re: Stop windows 10 spying

Post by Uncle Sam »

I'm happy for you that you liked it, but installing linux and disabling surveillance in win 10 are different things. That would be like offering to trade in a Mercedes with a flat tire for a tractor. I tried linux - I did not like it, not convenient, glitchy system. There are few programs, etc. :shock: :D

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Re: Stop windows 10 spying

Post by dominic33 »

...1an aprè réponds.(bien qu'il n'y ai pas grand monde.) Je réponds en français car vous avez tous des traducteurs bien sur.
Je suis à présent très âgé et je lis toujours ..."Hahaha M$ nous traque, il nous espionne... Il faut utiliser autre chose"...
Je lis cela depuis 1992...32 ans que je lis cela, sauf que..32 ans après, il n'existe toujours pas de portabilité entre les logiciels écrits et codés pour Windows vers Linux.
Donc quasi tout le monde utilise Windows...Pire, c'est à l'éditeur qui va être le plus rapide à se mettre en conformité avec WIN 7,8, 10 ...11 et bientôt 12! délaissant bien sur les anciennes versions de Windows pour la grande satisfaction de M$...Tout le monde courre derrière M$... De 32 bits il décide de passer à 64 et la moitié de la planète passe en 64 bits... Avec de nouvelles machines "made in asia" pour (give me your money because I love US Dollars)
Pire, les derniers logiciels n'existent plus en 32 bits! Tout ceci pour quel résultat réel et appréciable?
Que dalle! Je vous laisse y réfléchir. Bonne journée.

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...1 year later...I answer. (although there aren't many people.) I answer in French because you all have translators of course.
I am now very old and I always read..."Hahaha M$ is stalking us, he is spying on us... We have to use something else"...
I've been reading this since 1992...32 years since I've been reading this, except...32 years later, there is still no portability between software written and coded for Windows to Linux.
So almost everyone uses Windows...Worse, it is up to the publisher who will be the quickest to comply with WIN 7,8, 10...11 and soon 12! abandoning of course the old versions of Windows for the great satisfaction of M$...Everyone is running behind M$... From 32 bits he decides to move to 64 and half the planet switches to 64 bits... With new machines “made in Asia” for (give me your money because I love US Dollars)
Worse, the latest software no longer exists in 32 bits! All this for what real and appreciable result?
What a shame! I'll let you think about it. Good day.

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