Choppy Youtube Videos

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Choppy Youtube Videos

Post by johnywhy »

Version (based on Chromium 66.0.3359.117) (Official Build) (64-bit)
Linux Mint 19 xfce


When watching Youtube videos, the video stream stops for a split second every few seconds. In general, the video feels choppy.

I don't have this problem with Opera, Chromium, Iron, or Chrome browsers.

Any fix?


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Re: Choppy Youtube Videos

Post by sleeper10 »

Click the gear icon (lower right in video) & lower the quality of the video from say 720 to 480, etc. You can also disable 'Use hardware acceleration when available' in Slimjet advanced settings & see if that helps any.

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Re: Choppy Youtube Videos

Post by Jaggs777 »

Surely it shouldn't be necessary to reduce the YouTube resolution to get a smooth result? No other browser requires this? I also suffer from choppy Youtube videos, with bad stutters every few seconds. I've tried turning off hardware acceleration (but again, why should I have to do that?) and it helps a little.

This is really not great for a browser in 2023, and it's a shame because Slimjet is a great browser in many other ways.

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