List of extensions and user scripts

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List of extensions and user scripts

Post by dev »

List of extensions and user scripts I find handy to use. Please feel free to add your own. Tampermonkey needed for some scripts, some do run by the drag and drop method into your extension page.

Adblockplus I use this list to filter abp:subscribe?location= ... tle=Fanboy Complete Adblock

Ghostery ... cbmpeaniij

Launchpage ... enakcngkma

BetterTTV Better options for twitch tv streaming site.

YouTube Center makes viewing youtube better. Use with tampermonkey

Tampermonkey ... ldmpobfkfo probably the best userscript manager for blink browsers.

Ads Skipper skips adfly, linkbucks etc redirection

Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek ... iller-reek removes many protections used on some website that force the user to disable the AdBlocker. So you can continue to visit this website without having to disable your AdBlocker. Compatible with the browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. You need to - Subscribe Anti-Adblock Killer | Filters for Adblockers which are on the page and work in both adblock and adblock plus.

BlockUnloadEvents 1.0
This stops ANY AND ALL javascript that stops you from leaving a page.

Classic Blue Theme for Google Chrome ... cmpomohajo I use this theme as I don't like the grey

miniGestures 1.2 ... cnpgmjnhfp no ads and just simple actions. I use it in other browsers that have no inbuilt mouse gestures.

Context Menu Search ... ejjohldoga

Poper Blocker ... bkopceiche handy if the inbuilt pop up blocker in chrome doesn't catch all pop ups from sites but also has a handy whitelist if you don't want all blocked.

Google Search Results Style Revert ... 09199.html Just makes google search far better to use.

Magic Actions for YouTube - I think this is the best YT addon since it has all great features in one place (dark YT theme, ratings preview, force flash player instead of HTML5 etc...) ... pllmpfceif

SmoothScroll - Best smooth scrolling plugin i've seen for chrome so far. Brings smooth scrolling like in firefox and also nice middle click scroll, and it doesn't use a process (no RAM usage). ... mibcpneigj

HTTPS Everywhere - forces HTTPS encryption on all sites ... donpmejbdp

MetroTab - Best metro-style ... mbfggdmefd

Prebake is an Adblock filter subscription that blocks large, obtrusive cookie notices. (need adblock plus)

AdsBypasser skip ads' count-down or continue page (adfly etc)

Removed hola because now known for giving up people's ip addresses etc.
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Re: List of extensions and user scripts

Post by islandman »

Having just browsed through this very interesting post, I have installed the https everywhere and the enlarge pic with floating curser. If I find problems, then I will remove, but feel fairly confident that the reviews back these tips sufficient enough. Thanks dev.

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Re: List of extensions and user scripts

Post by Autocascade »

uMatrix if you spend the time is better than anything else for security and the ad blocking is pretty comprehensive but that's not the main feature. ... nfo-dialog

Sprucemarks for those that like to have bookmarks and folder alphabetized ... nfo-dialog

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Re: List of extensions and user scripts

Post by dev »

antiadware Remove forced download accelerators, managers, and adware on supported websites.

Win7 Scrollbars ... nfo-dialog

Better text for twitter

Black twitter theme ... -june-2015

Bypass Button Countdowns ... countdowns

Custom google search backgrounds ... r-your-own

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Re: List of extensions and user scripts

Post by LimboSlam »

Some of my favorites:

Ublock Origin (by gorhill, the original creator) ... iagm?hl=en or for their change log.
Description: A lightweight adblocker with some useful and advance options maintained by Gorhill.

Ublock (by Chris Aljoudi and Alex Vallat, a.k.a The Ubloack Team) official website or for their change log.
Description: A striped down adblocker forked from Gorhills personal version, nevertheless, it gets the job done.

Adguard ... fhikgbkllg
Description: Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites.

Privacy Badger ... dmdjhbjlgp
Description: Designed to automatically block spying ads that load invisibly when you browse the web.

Disconnect official website or ... dfeo?hl=en
Description: Disconnect lets you visualize & block the invisible websites that track you.

New Tab Reloaded ... nfo-dialog
Description: Restores the previous, original new tab page for Chrome 33+.

smartUp Gestures ... nfo-dialog
Description: smartUp will boost your productivity using mouse gestures, simple drag, super drag, etc.

The Great Suspender ... nfo-dialog
Description: Automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources.

Webmail Ad Blocker ... nfo-dialog
Description: Blocks the ads and sponsored links on the right hand side of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and, which will expand your message space.

better Browser ... fanh?hl=en
Description: You can Browse 15% faster and improve your Google search experience with auto scroll, back to Top Button, floating Search Pane, favicons.

SimpleUndoClose ... lknj?hl=en
Description: A simple popup to undo closed tabs, just that and a bit more.

ZenMate official website or ... bhfomcebme
Description: A fast, secure and solid VPN; Unblock the web, hide your IP address, enable online protection. All for FREE!!!

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Re: List of extensions and user scripts

Post by Nettlebay »

to translate, I use every day Translate Selected Text. Very good, no slow down: ... nfo-dialog
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Re: List of extensions and user scripts

Post by danielson »

Search Preview - adds a preview thumbnail image of the web page in the search results. ... obilhaglfo

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Re: List of extensions and user scripts

Post by danielson »

Dark Skin for Youtube makes Youtube go dark-side ... dhdnddhglm

I really enjoy Dark Skin but somehow seems to be in conflict with Magic Actions ... nfo-dialog.

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Re: List of extensions and user scripts

Post by jollyDoDo »

VIOLENT MONKEY: a much simpler and lighter script handler than tamper monkey w/c is now available for non-Opera users. ... nfo-dialog

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Re: List of extensions and user scripts

Post by paul1149 »

I can no longer rec Your Download Box as a simple download manager, because it inserts ads obtrusively. I have switched to an even lighter extension, Nice Downloads, at ... epoahkegpm. The only thing I miss is the dynamic toolbar icon telling you when downloads are complete. But that may be coming.

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