Theme, Find Out Your Current Installed Theme

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Theme, Find Out Your Current Installed Theme

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two ways just about the same

  • • If you can see the theme T-Shirt icon for themes at the upper right of the browser window click that icon
    • click Get themes
GOTO Action B

  • • click the settings gear icon at the top left just under the X
    • scroll to and click More Tools
    • click Get more extensions
Continue to Action B

  • • you may have to be logged into gmail for the rest of this to work
    • on the resulting webpage (chrome web store) LOOK FOR and click the gear icon on the right near the top ON THE WEBPAGE next to your logged in user name
    • click Your Apps

    • look closely at the names on the App List and just below the name you should see one that is labeled as a Theme, that is your current installed theme
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