Running multiple (truly separate) Executions of Slimjets

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Running multiple (truly separate) Executions of Slimjets

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dev wrote:didn't think you could run them truly simultaneously.... but anyhow check in settings that "continue running background apps when slimjet is closed" is unticked
Ah, thanks for the reply. I'd never spotted that option.

Re running multiple Slimjets, I have about 20 set up and could if I wished run them all simultaneously.

Why, I hear you ask. Because Google introduced that rotten new profiles system, which takes 3 mouse clicks instead of one and forces you to select from overlarge boxes. So, instead of using one Chrome with several profiles (and about another 6 different Chromium mashups) I decided instead to use just Slimjet, which works nicely and customise it with bespoke icos to sit in the taskbar. This has major advantages over running just one browser with profiles, as it allows you to customise an area of work by displaying an ico relevant to that area of work. I run a small arts centre and multitask to the point of no return. In the old days I would spend hours trying to set up bookmark systems that made finding stuff easy. Now, I don't have to do that.

For example, I have one browser which is set up with the MightyText ico, and another one which is set up with a calendar ico, for my venue hire bookings. Another one is set up with a school blackboard, to represent a slimjet I use for under 18s acting workshops. Etc etc etc.

I spent some 18 months trying to suss out how to do this consistently, so it always worked. using the Chrome browser, I never could get it to work, even though they make out you can.

Here's how you do it in Slimjet.

(1) Install Slimjet 1 in your C directory, in its own folder.

(2) Run it.

(3) Open up the C:\slimjet\apples folder and find the slimjet.exe file. Right-click and create a shortcut.

(4) Place the shortcut on the desktop.

(5) Create a completely separate folder for your data. D:\browsers\apples
(I use an entirely separate drive - there is a reason for this, long lost in the mist of time. It just works doing it this way, that's all!)

(6) place your ico file in that data directory

(7) right click your slimjet.exe shortcut and select properties.

(8) In the target field, you need to point Slimjet towards the data folder
C:\slimjet\apples\slimjet.exe --user-data-dir=d:\browsers\apples

(9) click APPLY, although it's not strictly necessary

(10) click on CHANGE ICON field. Find your ico (i.e. D:\apples\apples.ico) and click OK out of the setup.

(11) Your slimjet.exe shortcut should now be sitting there on your desktop with a nice green (or red) apple. (Or slug. Or flag. Or whatever you've chosen.)

(12) rename the slimjet.exe shortcut to whatever (apples)

(12) Run the shortcut

(13) On first run, you will find that the ico will not change in the task bar. It will change to display the apple ico in the taskbar on the second run. If ever it gets 'stuck', which it sometimes does, go down the Slimjet settings page to find REPAIR BROWSER SETTINGS. Click on that - it takes half a second to run and usually fixes any glitches.

(14) Run it a second time and you will find it displaying in the taskbar.

(15) Set up your second Slimjet:

set up a second data folder at D:\browsers\bananas

You should now have 2 lovely Slimjet browsers, one displaying in the taskbar with an apple and another with a banana.

You must keep a copy of EACH shortcut on the desktop. The first two or three might work without, but it is not consistent. Sometimes it stops working and the ico goes back to the default. The solution is to always keep a copy of the shortcut on the desktop. That makes it guaranteed to display your bespoke ico. (Because I don't want a cluttered desktop, I shove it across the screen and off the visible screen area. Still works.)

Once you've got your slimjet.exe shortcut with the ico displaying, you can copy this shortcut to multiple locations. But note that if you leave any shortcut lying round with the original slimjet.exe icon showing, your bespoke ico will not display. Even if they're buried in your start menu or in a folder somewhere. You MUST have only shortcuts which display your bespoke ico on your system, whether on the desktop or in any folder.

Then it will always work.

Very long explanation, but really it's very very fast, once you know how.

Just run new new install file in each directory.

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