[SOLVED] Change default toolbar button icons

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[SOLVED] Change default toolbar button icons

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I love Slimjet, but it is particularly annoying that an 'enabled' back button looks so similar to a 'disabled' back button.

According to the color matching tool at colortools.net/color_matcher, the enabled and disabled buttons share a 90% color similarity.

I want those two buttons to be more visually different, so that it's easier to tell when the back button is clickable.


The button icons can be changed by replacing the appropriate PNG image files found in 'chrome_100_percent.pak' and/or 'chrome_200_percent.pak', both located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Slimjet

The PNG files in 'chrome_200_percent.pak' are 58 x 58 pixels, and identical images in 'chrome_100_percent.pak' are 29 x 29 pixels. In my case it was only necessary to change the files in 'chrome_200_percent.pak'.

Before replacing any files, it is recommended that you create copies of 'chrome_100_percent.pak' and 'chrome_200_percent.pak'.

First you will need to unpack the pak files with the open source tool found at github.com/myfreeer/chrome-pak-customizer by dragging the pak file onto 'unpack.bat'. This will create a folder with the pak name + "_unpacked".

After unpacking, edit/replace any images you'd like.

After all changes have been made, you will need to re-pack the pak file with the same tool by dragging the 'pak_index.ini' file (located in the unpacked pak file) onto 'pak.bat'.

Drag your new pak file into the Slimjet program folder, it should prompt to replace the original pak files.

Restart Slimjet, enjoy your new buttons.

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Re: [SOLVED] Change default toolbar button icons

Post by shadowtorturer »

I was able to change the Back and Forward buttons, but couldn't find Reload or Home icons in Chrome browser's .pak files

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