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Re: CCleaner

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Bumping this post back up to maybe help those who may be interested in getting CCleaner to recognize Slimjet.

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Re: CCleaner

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i think ccleaner is best for pc.
ccleaner can clean your pc. when you can work smoothly .

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Re: CCleaner

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CCleaner was used recently to pass malware.

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Re: CCleaner

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earlwallace wrote:
Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:28 pm
CCleaner was used recently to pass malware.
I suggest doing your own research before being alarmed by this warning. Read this for starters. And note that this issue with ccleaner was back in Sep of 2017.
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Re: CCleaner

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To be used together with CCleaner ==>

Caution: Be sure you know exactly what you are doing and do NOT just check everything.
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