sliding Tab Bar instead of squeezing tabs?

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sliding Tab Bar instead of squeezing tabs?

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Hi all reading this,

big SlimJet Fan here - one thing I miss (or dont know tweaking) is to get the tabs in the bar to slide, and not to compress/squeeze until they are so small one has to basically erase (or save) all tabs and start a new session.

As example a browser allowing this is WaterFox, Tabs can get more and more, when bar is "full" user has to click right or left to slide to see the other invisible tabs.

Anyone having a solution for this?
(if not internally possible, maybe even an external extension enabling this?)

Thanks for reading

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Re: sliding Tab Bar instead of squeezing tabs?

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For a while we could specify a tab width. I don't remember what happened to that.

Possibly someone has a decent solution for you. In the meantime.

I don't use it. But in Settings you can toggle the ability to use the mouse wheel to "scroll" between tabs.

Another possible solution for you is to right click on a tab and select the Side tab bar which can always be open or autohide

And finally, you can experiment with using the new-ish Group feature where you can add tabs to a group which you name (or label) and can designate with a Color Code. When you click on the indicator or label tab for a group it will switch between the tabs in that group no matter where they are located amongst all the rest of the open tabs.
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