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How to open PDFs from searchresults with Adobe Acrobat without downloading?

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 6:02 pm
by nima_amin
Hello, I was just confronted with a problem which neither in Internet Explorer nor in Pale Moon is a problem,
In the list of Google Searchresults there is a PDF. I want to have a look at it without downloading it to my harddrive. In both IE and Pale Moon I leftclick on it, and then opens a little window with the two options save and open. Do I click on open it opens the file with Adobe Acrobat Standrard Pro which is installed on my computer and set as default programme for handling PDF files. In Slimjet I get no options. It simply starts Turbo Downloader downloading the file to the computer. If I choose open in Turbo Downloader it opens a new Tab which is totally empty, and afterwards opens the save under dialog of Windows. I don't want to save the thing, I just want to look at it. With an external programme that is installed on my PC. Must be possible somehow.