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Windows 10 Pro x64, problem to install slimjet (no portable version).

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:38 am
by zZJhoNZz
Hi everyone

I have a Windows 10 Pro x64 (recently installed) and when going to install Slimjet all is okay until when the executable start to extract the archives with sjt7z_x86.exe and so the installer send me a error with the extraction. This problem has happened to me with the web installer and the without connection installer (both with version and date 2018-10-22) and in the same step. I think that is a problem of administrator permission as I desactive the windows defender with all options and it did not work and I runned with administrator permission the executable of installation and not the executable for extract the archives "sjt7z_x86.exe" and so when the script of installation open sjt7z_x86.exe for extract the archives Windows block this operation for have just low permission but well i dont know much of script and programs installation and i do not know what to do.

And so at the moment I use Slimjet portable.

Please help.