[Solution] Portable Slimjet Update Issue(s)

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[Solution] Portable Slimjet Update Issue(s)

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If you are using Google to Sync data across devices and you are experiencing issues after updating your portable installation, disconnect (logout) from your google account and either re-install a pristine default Slimjet or reset user settings and data to installation default and then log back into google. This has a strong probability of resolving issue(s) you experience after updating.
KenStratton wrote:SOLVED! I had to disconnect my Google account and clear all data from Portable Slimjet (both the 32 and 64-bit versions) and let Slimjet reset everything. After that, I just logged into Google again and let all the extensions and bookmarks (and their favicons) sync again. The only thing I lost was my custom zoom levels for individual websites.
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