Some toolbar issues in Linux

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Some toolbar issues in Linux

Postby phd21mint » Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:30 pm

Dear Flashpeak Slimjet,

I really like your browser, very impressive (Version (based on Chromium 59.0.3071.86 (64-bit)). Thank you for providing this for everyone. I have been recommending this in the Linux Mint forums. FYI: I use the superb Linux Mint KDE 18.1 based on Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Mint KDE 17.3 based on Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit).

When I first installed it, it imported my Google Chrome settings including all my extensions and add-ons (no passwords though?) - very nice. But, I had a lot of add-ons and extensions which filled up the toolbar. The "more toolbar button" arrow was not even visible, even now after disabling a lot of extension add-ons, it is barely visible. I do not see the custom toolbar options either, only my add-ons.

I cannot resize the web address box which I would like to do, nor does the "mouse over" show the complete URL address. I can resize the search box though. It would be very nice to have an automatic second row toolbar (and or 3rd row) options for toolbar buttons, and or a customizable "Status Bar" at the bottom, left and or right side.

When I click some items in the toolbar they display too far to the left not showing their pop-up dialog box correctly, seemingly ignoring the Slimjet's browser's application borders? I have tried re-positioning certain toolbar extension add-on icons to the middle or right side of the toolbar to compensate for this.

Another issue: I help out a lot on the Linux Mint forums, and one major browser complaint that some users have, which I agree with, is that "file dialog" boxes do not have user options for previewing files (images, etc...), or listing them in various ways like "icon view", or "detailed list view with icon previews". This makes uploading images to various sites like Ebay, Uploading to Forums (including this one), Image hosting sites, etc... much more difficult. In my Linux Mint KDE systems the Kdialog does provide these abilities, but it would be much nicer for the Browsers themselves to have their own internal "File Dialog" box with these capabilities and not depend upon the operating system's file dialog box, or allow users the choice.

Best regards to you and yours,

Linux Mint forum user: phd21

Slimjet Browser
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An excellent File Dialog box (KDE)
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