Freezing cards!!!

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Freezing cards!!!

Post by misiekxxxl »

What can I do to keep the cards from freezing after 5 minutes???
Proactive-tab-freeze is turned off and the cards continue to freeze
Please help!!!

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Re: Freezing cards!!!

Post by Anonymosity »

Slimjet has never presented any cards to me. What are they?

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Re: Freezing cards!!!

Post by oftentired »

Tab Hover Cards was introduced in Chrome Beta 75 It displays a title or title+image "card" that shows up when you hover over a tab. It then gives information about the tab. Especially handy if you have a ton of open tabs and have them small in size.

Proactive-tab-freeze is a chrome feature that allows greater control of Tab memory usage.

I have not explored Slimjet to see if either of these features is active.
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