Error when displaying a webpage

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Error when displaying a webpage

Post by huan4hoang5 »

Sorry, my English isn't very well.

Hi admin and developers. I love Slimjet and have used it for a long time. In version 24, Slimjet appears an webpage display error as the below image:

In previous versions Or the other webbrowsers, it still displays normally:

This webpage in the pictures:

Hope you fix it, I sincerely thank you :)

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Re: Error when displaying a webpage

Post by Tweakerz »

Since no one else replied I'll reply just to say I went to the site and every line loads normally here, no blank space to the right like in your first picture. Mine looks like your second picture with the full line of text. Maybe it relates to an extension you have installed? Maybe try to load the site in Incognito Mode without any extensions loaded to see if that changes and if it does then you can work on figuring out which is causing the problem.

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