YouTube Downloader Problem

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YouTube Downloader Problem

Post by MaxFlash »

The YouTube Downloader had been working just fine for a long time. It would display the list of available video download options just as described in the graphic here: ... loader.htm.

All of a sudden, for no discernible reason, it began displaying a different box with only 2 options.

The title of the box is "Select video format", and the text it contains is:

"Please select the format to save the downloaded video. Webm videos can be played with VLC media player or directly played in Slimjet. Mp4 format takes very long time (could be hours) to convert for long videos."

This is followed by only two buttons, one that says "Save as Webm" and the other that says "Convert to MP4".

Choosing either option results in a waste of time and resources, as they both hang in and endless loop at the end where it attempts to merge audio and video files.

This is happening with ALL YouTube videos, not just a few select oddball ones, even videos that I had successfully downloaded before under the normal download menu as described at the start of this post.

How can I get the normal SlimJet YouTube download menu back?



PS: I'm on a Windows 7 Home Premium PC with 4GB RAM, plenty of hard drive space, etc. I did NOT change any SlimJet settings, nor did I recently update the Slimjet program. This just started happening out of the blue yesterday. The SlimJet version I am running is Version (based on Chromium 70.0.3538.67) (Official Build) (32-bit).

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Re: YouTube Downloader Problem

Post by Korisnik »

Same here. Error message: cannot convert to MP3.
Totally useless feature. I'm on Linux.