No sound from Slimjet v.

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No sound from Slimjet v.

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Let me begin by thanking you all for providing Slimjet. I've been using it for few years now and recommended to others on many occasions as THE BEST and memory efficient browser for Linux available.

I've just Installed the latest version of Your software ( and encountered serious bug that made me switch back to the previous version I was using ( - there is no sound.

I'm using a i365 (32bit) Ubuntu 16 Xenial fork called Bodhi linux.
It is by all means a regular Ubuntu 16 with slightly different desktop (enlightenment) minus some unnecessary utilities.

My audio driver is ALSA. My soundcard is a generic realtek HD audio in a small laptop computer.

For installation I used gdebi installer, after previously uninstalling the older version.

New Slimjet(24) behaves somewhat normal in any other way, although I must say it is noticeably slower then the previous version.

For sound I've tested in on YouTube & on - on both sites the players are normally working, there is regular image from YouTube, the slider & countdown proceeds on bandcamp, but there is no sound.

Also - the browser does not pop-up in the Pulse Audio mixer. It seems as it is not communicating with the ALSA driver. Pulse Audio would register all sound inputs from system, even if they were incompatible with drivers, so this is double-strange.

After encountering this problem I restarted my computer and this didn't help, so I switched back to the previous version.
I guess the new version might not be friendly for older hardware.

I have no ideas what could be the reason for this. If you need further details on my sound configuration I'll gladly provide it.

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