Website nicht erreichbar ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE

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Website nicht erreichbar ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE

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Phase wise I am getting

Die Website ist nicht erreichbar
Die Webseite unter xxx ist eventuell vorübergehend nicht verfügbar oder wurde dauerhaft an eine neue Webadresse verschoben.

when trying to open a website from a google search result or surfing to diffenernt parts of a website (for eaxmple an online shop when being on the display for an item and then want to see where the shop is located or how much shipping is).

At the moment this phase is heavy as every third or fourth site is not reachable with Slimjet.

All of these websites are reachable though with Edge, or Brave, or Iridiium or Pale Moon, for example. Sometimes entering the URL directly intead of clicking a Google search result helps.

But not in this case In Edge it works, though, so it has not been moved nor is it down.

This website I can access because I have it as bookmark. Also entering the URL works. But if I click on a Google search result leading to that website I end up with above message.

Cookies are cleared once a day. Deleting the rest of the history doesn't help either. There is also no difference in versions of the browser. So what strange phenomenon is that?

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