Videos on Ubuntu & Slimjet

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Videos on Ubuntu & Slimjet

Post by sjguy111 »

Ubuntu 14.04
plugins shows: Adobe Flash Player - Version:

When I try to look at videos on various sites, I get "couldn't load plugin."
Youtube videos play ok.
Any idea what I might be missing here. Thanks for your help.

Herbert Kern
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Re: Videos on Ubuntu & Slimjet

Post by Herbert Kern »

It is a known issue.

I have Linux Mint 17.3 which is based on Ubuntu 16 somewhat.

On youtube there is a download-button, but not below the video.
See the screenshot. The blue button is beside the bookmark-button.
I installed Slimjet with the tar.gz file as recommended.
The download button is there on youtube, but it does not work.
I can click hundreds of times on it while the video is playing but nothing happens. It is blocked somehow.
On Vimeo it works fine but not on youtube.

So each time I want to download a youtube-video I have to use firefox. The video-download-extensions do not block youtube-vids from download.

Looks like there is no solution for us Linux users.

I hope I am wrong.