Help Promote Slimjet and Get Rewarded

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Help Promote Slimjet and Get Rewarded

Post by flashpeak »

Are you a fan of Slimjet? We are happy to hear that! Although we accept donation to support our development, the best way to support us is to recommend Slimjet to your friends or help spread the words about it online. If you can generate some good buzz about Slimjet, we can even reward you for your efforts.

For details of the reward program, please visit this page.
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Re: Help Promote Slimjet and Get Rewarded

Post by caligula-nova »

I would be a fan of slimjet, but the GUI is ugly.



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Re: Help Promote Slimjet and Get Rewarded

Post by paul1149 »

I have reservations about this program, but if you want it to work I would suggest a system of UID tokens in the reference URLs, referring back to user accounts here, which could then be paypaled. That way each click on a forum post reference would accrue automatically to that account. Otherwise, how often does a browser suggestion get five responses in a forum?

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Re: Help Promote Slimjet and Get Rewarded

Post by pinsal57 »

In my opinion, emphasizing the fact that NOTHING is sent to google while using Slimjet (in addition to other privacy features) will surely add to the user base.

This should be brought out everywhere and every time Slimjet is mentioned.

Of course, discussion and hopefully implementation of worthy user feature requests will also help the spread of Slimjet by word of mouth.

I am a frequent reader of, and poster to, usenet groups, and mention Slimjet favorably and often.

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Re: Help Promote Slimjet and Get Rewarded

Post by slimjetsuperfan »

I already promoting slimjet for free, good products deserve to be promoted for free :)