Slimjet vs. Vivaldi

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Slimjet vs. Vivaldi

Post by pinsal57 »

Slimjet wins vs. the new "Vivaldi" browser, although that one is still in beta. Slimjet developres, however, should take a good look at some of the Vivaldi features ... like a separate search box, a zoom slider, and option to place tabs on the page bottom. For now, I'm sticking with Slimjet, and urging my friends to give it a try! :D

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Re: Slimjet vs. Vivaldi

Post by Autocascade »

It's only my opinion but Vivaldi is just trying to recreate features for die hard users of legacy Opera. I've tried it and I was not impressed.

Slimjet seems to be doing things that no one else is doing with Chromium like making WebRTC an option not a forced feature like every other Chromium fork out there.

They also seem to be doing some real common sense things like allowing the advanced settings to come up all the time rather than having to select advanced settings to get at them though you can make it do that also.

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Re: Slimjet vs. Vivaldi

Post by dev »

Vivaldi has some nice features like tab stacking, bottom toolbar and some good modifications like movable tabs, search box and the bookmark bar but its so early in its development stage its hard to get a feel for it. The overall look of it at the moment never mind it doesn't support themes apart from user altered css to me is a very cluttered and flat look. There are quite a few minor niggles too like no popup(highlight) telling you which folders they are in the bookmark bar with icon only set or making your click enter twice to search from the addy bar because it wants to find a url, both probably can be tweaked to work right but i expect simple things in a browser to work straight out of the box.

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Re: Slimjet vs. Vivaldi

Post by rseilersj »

Yes, it's too early for Vivaldi at the moment, it still being alpha (it's not beta yet). Slimjet is easily ahead.

The look of it right now--bold, bright, garish, heavy--will be fixable when they introduce themes.

Extensions, while compatible, don't make it into the UI (except in context menus, as I recall), so using something like an adblocker is a little impractical.

OTOH, in addition to some of the things mentioned earlier, it also has customizable shortcut keys, so it's not completely one-sided. Both projects are very encouraging in a post-Opera world.