Slimjet Version - Youtube video download option is gone?

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Slimjet Version - Youtube video download option is gone?

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Hi Developers - I did search forums and google and I see other threads here about this but many are years old.
As of May 20th 2022 - I no longer see the Webm, Mp3 download option that would appear on the youtube page below a video.

Is it now an extension I must download or buried somewhere in the settings options?
I saw "intall youtube" with not much further explanation, I tried that.. and all that did was make Youtube full screen mode.
I did not create a profile account on slimjet, nor did I login to youtube / google account.

If you need more details, just ask.
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Re: Slimjet Version - Youtube video download option is gone?

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I'm running 32 bit version on Win 10 and I do have the Download Video button showing just below the video screen on the left hand side. I also have not seen anyone else posting on this issue for ver 34.0.X.0

This leads me to think that the issue may be isolated to your local system.

Maybe try a fresh installation using the offline installer
Maybe try 32 bit if your running 64 bit or vice versa
I don't think a profile login or youtube login affects this feature, however I am logged into youtube so it is possible.
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Running 32 Bit SJ on Win 10

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