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Copy Link to Highlight

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This began as an extension about a year prior to the Chromium 90 release where it was integrated into the engine.

If you highlight any text of a webpage, and then copy (right click copy or keyboard Ctrl+C) it to the clipboard, it will be copied and then converted and placed in your clipboard as a link that takes you right to that highlighted place on the webpage.

This WILL NOT work if you have security protection in place that stops programs from accessing your clipboard.

When someone visits the link you create, conveniently, it will highlight the text you copied for the link. This can be handy if you want to share something specific that requires scrolling down a webpage to get to. It then makes it far more convenient to share it as the recipient of your link won't have to scroll and spend time reading to find what your talking about.
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Re: Copy Link to Highlight

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A much more convenient way of implementing something that was part of Netcom's NetCruiser many years ago.
Then dropped and forgotten by all for 30 years or so. Until recently. 8-)
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