I might be leaving Slimjet

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I might be leaving Slimjet

Post by islandman »

I might be leaving Slimjet after-all.

My surfing lifestyle has shown me that I prefer not to have pop-up's/adverts, so I have tried out several blockers whilst here. I think the best one has been AdBlock Plus. BUT, most days I need to enter settings and disable/enable it to make it work. I have posted questions all over the net asking why this is, to no avail. It was part of my daily ritual, sometimes more than once.

Quite out of the blue, I tried another browser and as is often the case, it seemed to be quicker loading pages and what's more, their recommended ad blocker works. So during the next 24 hrs or so, I shall monitor both sites and make a decision.

The odd thing is, I have had the need to even look at their forum or ask for guidence.

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Re: I might be leaving Slimjet

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I haven't had that problem with Adblock Plus and Slimjet.

Have you tried posting it on the AP forum..