Differences between Chromium and Slimjet

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Differences between Chromium and Slimjet

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I often don't know whether a feature I find is part of Chromium or has been added by the Slimjet wizards. For instance, today I came across the Email Page Link function in the context menu (works beautifully, BTW, even loads the page title in the Subject field - bravo!). But I don't know if that's part of Chromium or value added by Flashpeak.

Perhaps a published list of SJ additions would help clear up confusion and also sell the browser to newly interested people.

And I also would suggest that each release have its changes published here for information and discussion.

It's been smooth sailing lately, so kudos to the Flashpeak team. I tried Opera again last week, and found that they still are playing the game of forcing their users to use only the search engines they deem worthy as defaults. How far they have fallen.

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Re: Differences between Chromium and Slimjet

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A publicly digestible change log is published on the Slimjet website. I don't think Flashpeak will want to take the time to duplicated it here. If Flashpeak gives the OK I could keep a duplicate on the forum. Most of the non-Chromium features are listed on the front page of the Slimjet website. I imagine it could be possible to take that information and the change log information and create a list of non-Chromium features. But I would bet money that Flashpeak has a handy unpublished list somewhere :D