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streaming issue

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 10:47 am
by Yodagirl
Twice over 3 years I have "updated" Slimjet only to lose the ability to stream Netflix and Amazon, getting error code M7361-1254 from Netflix and 7031 from Amazon. Yesterday I updated to V30.0.4.0 and again lost the ability to stream. After numerous downloads to earlier versions, I installed V28.0.2.0 which got things working again. If you run into the same problem, here are some tips. In order to install a previous version, you need to download it first, then remove the newer one that caused the problem, THEN installed the previous one you downloaded. It picked up all the bookmarks (in my case) so you don't have to do an export on the version you are removing first, but I would recommend doing it anyway. I also added a note to the top of my Misc list so I would see it everytime I open it that says: "DO NOT UPDATE SLIMJET EVER!!!!!! 4-30-21 Version works" I am running Slimjet on Linux Mint.

Hopefully that will keep me from making the same mistake a third time! :shock: