2 buggy sites only on Slimjet.

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2 buggy sites only on Slimjet.

Post by Muriashe »

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night.

Since version 28.0, 2 sites have errors only on the Slimjet.

1: Spotify.

All songs play for only 3 seconds, and they already skip to another song.

2: Outlook.

The site is reloading alone, unable to use email.

I tested it on several browsers and these 2 bugs only happen on Slimjet.

I have already disabled adblock (adguard) and nothing has changed.

I don't use the Slimjet adblock.

• Operating System:Windows 10 Pro 32 Bit

• Version of Slimjet:

Sorry for the bad English I am using an online translator.
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Re: 2 buggy sites only on Slimjet.

Post by josegimcam »

I've the same problem with outlook. I have but the problem is before that and not always, only sometimes.

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Re: 2 buggy sites only on Slimjet.

Post by flobou5783 »

Same problem with Outlook (outlook.office.com):
- Auto-refresh randomly (I lose all text being currently edited... in an e-mail, calendar invite, etc. Very frustrating and waste of time)
- Forces view to come back to mail instead of calendar (even if I load the page specifically with Calendar view: https://outlook.office.com/calendar/view/month)

I don't use Spotify so I cannot say for that site.

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