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Version Released

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(based on Chromium 87)

Notice: QuickFill form filler will be phased out on V30. (3/22/21)
• Update language files (1/28/21)
• Fix crash upon right clicking on the tabs (Beta 1/14/2021, Formal Release 1/19/2021)

• Fix error with ad blocker on youtube videos
• Added option to hide extension drop down button on toolbar (Appearance section of settings page: Show extension drop down button on toolbar) (1/9/2021)

• Add support for browser actions from address bar.
• Add API support for Camera pan, tilt, zoom.
• Search tabs from address bar. Just type the domain name or site title to search for a tab from address bar.
• Throttling JavaScript timer wake-ups in background tabs to once per minute to reduce CPU usage of background tabs. Improves browser performance and boost battery life of laptops.
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