Slimjet x64 (Latest) did not open any site

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Slimjet x64 (Latest) did not open any site

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Hello. I did not find this issue on forum (there), but find same problem have other users on the internet.
Slimjet x64 (portable or installable version) did not open any site at all.
But Slimjet x86 wroks perfectly (why are you cutted out them, who can not open register form from the slimjet? I have to download another instance of slimjet to register).

How I can fix a problem? Search on the forum or the web - did not help.
x86 works perfectly, x64 did not open any site.
My 6 other browsers warks perfectly also. Please, help. I need an Slimjet x64 to work with.

My OS (Windows 7 x64 eng) and other parameters did not metter (I tried in the VM with windows 10, result is the same).

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