Observation about how incognito works

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Observation about how incognito works

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Nothing problematic to me. Just curiosity and desire to understand how everything works.
I don't use incognito much but I was fiddling with it just to test its limits.

1) In regular window log on to some Google site. If I open a new tab or regular window and go to some other Google site, I will be logged on there with the same account. That is Google's normal way of working. I can also stack multiple logged on accounts.

2) Open incognito window and go to some Google site. Not logged on (because it's incognito). Log on with some other account. No stacking yet, but I can do a separate incognito stack if I want. I attribute this to keeping the cookies separate in some way.

Simple enough and as expected so far.

3) Open another incognito window and go to some Google site. Already logged on as for the previous incognito window.

Neither expected nor unexpected, but it shows something I didn't know before.

Anyone here use incognito much? Is there any reason someone might need simultaneous isolated instances?

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