something about Newtab in Slimjet

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something about Newtab in Slimjet

Post by conlangquang123 »

Currently Slimjet opens a link in background by default when you right click on a link and select "Open In New Tab" or use the quicker way of middle-clicking a link. But a most people would want to open it in foreground when they open a link in new tab. I would like to hear your comments about it. If more people likes it to be activated automatically, I can flip the default value of the switch.

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Re: something about Newtab in Slimjet

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What you want is in here --

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Re: something about Newtab in Slimjet

Post by Anonymosity »

If the option to change it exists, what is the problem?

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Re: something about Newtab in Slimjet

Post by michael-hi »

Never really thought about this before but on balance I think I prefer the default the way it is. If for instance, you are browsing the index page of a forum like this one, you can middle-click on several posts that look interesting with the aim of looking at those pages within the next few minutes. Same with any page which has lots of links. If somebody wanted to see a new page straight away, they would probably just left-click anyway.

Plus I think the current way is the default in Firefox and Chrome/Chromium as well. Many people use more than one browser and having different behaviours could be slightly annoying even if it doesn't sound like a big deal.

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