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Problems playing DRM content

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:04 am
by JustusTheCat
About two days I was watching series from Finnish/Swedish C more service, but suddenly it stopped working with following error message (screenshot is below). I tried to turn off uBlock and Privacy Badger with no luck. It's strange because it worked well for about a month. I did some research from Google and find out, that it might have something to do with Widevine. I tried to search Widevine libraries to manually install them, but only found them for Linux. I'm using Windows 10. The same site works well with Firefox and Microsoft Edge. I don't know about Google Chrome, because I boycott it on purpose, because of Google's plans to kill adblock addons.

The error message in Finnish is telling that "Something went wrong. Try again or read more (link). Error code: STREAM_ERROR_DOWNLOAD". I have seen similar error messages with other DRM protected services in sites people have similar problems.