Trying Out The Browser Again

General discussion about Slimjet, or other issues related to web browser in general.
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Trying Out The Browser Again

Post by Sparky49 »

It's been a while since I've tried any additional browser's, this morning when I awoke (very early like I have been lately) I had a chance to ready an article about some different chromium based browser's, and the ratings for them. Slimjet was positively rated, so I decided to download the latest 64-bit version and try it once again. Right now anyway..I'm thoroughly enjoying using it. I thought about trying the opera browser again, but I never really cared for it.

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Re: Trying Out The Browser Again

Post by Tweakerz »

Welcome back to SJ David, it is my favorite browser and has been for some time now and I have tried out a LOT of browsers looking for what I like. 8-)

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