Flashpeak Slimjet Security Updates

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Flashpeak Slimjet Security Updates

Post by KristyStevens » Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:21 pm

I have both FireFox and Flashpeak Slimjet installed on my old Dell laptop, and I have gotten regular security updates for FF.
FS is shown as installed by Synaptic Package Manager, but I am not getting updates.
My preference for general internet is FS because FF uses too may resources and slows the machine noticeably.

Is there and increased security risk using FS over FF ?

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Re: Flashpeak Slimjet Security Updates

Post by oftentired » Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:22 am

I think it is important to establish some sort of baseline for the comparison so I'll start with that.

Difficult to compare them side by side since they use two different engines to run the show.

Regarding security, Firefox, based on the gecko engine, is rated slightly higher than Chromium. And Google rates a few points lower than Chromium. Slimjet is based on the same engine as Chromium and Google. So while Slimjet was not specifically rated by the source I was looking at I'm sure it falls somewhere in the same range as Chromium and Google. That is, somewhat lower than Firefox for a base security rating.

That being said we could easily make an assumption that unrated Slimjet, out of the box (so to speak), begins with a security rating lower than Firefox. And we could stop there and just make the assumption that Firefox will always being somewhat more secure than Slimjet.

And a comment, Firefox with regular "security" updates, appears to be maintained with an above average level of diligence.

Now to just speak to Slimjet security. When Slimjet pushes a major update that brings a new version of Chromium with it, from the perspective of "security updates", you will have the most secure Slimjet you can get. As time passes and Chromium releases an update that Slimjet skips over and more time passes and another Chromium updated comes out and then finally at some point after that Slimjet pushes the update with Chromium being behind 1 or more major updates during the interval. We have a period of time where Slimjet will have potentially lapsed in "security" due to the lag. That potential depends on what security updates may or may not have been involved.

So the answer to your question is not set in stone. When Slimjet is current and up to date with the Chromium version it is a decently secure browser. When it starts to lag behind one or more Chromium version, it is possible it will be missing one or more important security "updates" that have been rolled into a more recent Chromium update.

I've never been so concerned about it being a problem for me that I lose sleep at night over it.
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