Annoying Facebook/Amazon/ebay button

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Annoying Facebook/Amazon/ebay button

Post by caligula-nova »

When I first used slimjet I was pleased by the speed and extended settings.
But after 3 days surfing with slimjet I realized that if I visit Amazon, farcebook or ebay that a button would appear left to the address bar.
OK, I can go to settings and remove the button and it does not come back then, but I had to do that every day.
On every day of the first 3 I had to go to the menu bar settings and remove one of those buttons which are very ugly and annoying IMO.
Why not having an option (context menu) to remove them with one click and deny them for good.
Sure, you may have a ad deal with them or whatever, but this feature could be better.
A dialogue window with a question if I even want those buttons (ask first before spamming the menu bar) would be good.

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Re: Annoying Facebook/Amazon/ebay button

Post by dev »

May be a bug as I've had this happen only once which was my first install of slimjet. I would say a setting in your profile is getting cleaned (i.e ccleaner) or its being reset for some reason causing the icons to show

viewtopic.php?f=5&t=52 tells you why it happens and that it should be a once only action.