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Video Downloader

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So just off the bat, I'd like to say thanks for the continued development of this browser. This certainly is the most sensible Chromium rebuild I've used.

To the best of my knowledge YouTube splits mp4 data streams into two files, the audio track being AAC (.m4a) format. Why then does Slimjet transcode tracks into mp3 during post-proc, or even when one opts just to save the audio from a vid?

I listen to a lot a etheral remixes on YT via NewPipe on my phone. I've saved quite a few audio files using that app, and it doesn't appear to be transcoded or otherwise use the CPU to re-process data.

Never had any quarrel with Slimjet. Just genuinely curious how this works? Is there there some underlying API limitation preventing SJ from saving m4a audios from YT? Or is this by design given mp3's lack of patents and slight compatibility advantage?

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Re: Video Downloader

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The process does not present itself to me as you describe.

When I get the dialog after clicking the Download Video button I have two choices, Save as Webm or Save as MP4. Selecting either choice begins a download/conversion process that presents me with two files. Selecting Webm gives me MP3 and Webm formats. Selecting MP4 gives me MP3 and MP4 formats.

This allows you to grab the MP3 for playback on a MP3 player type device. Or you can grab the Webm or MP4 for playing a video with audio.

The reason there are both MP3 and a video format to choose from is to allow the ability to choose the one you wish to use.
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